Health & Weight Loss

I can speak most accurately to my own journey. It hasn’t been an easy one but I'm DOWN 50 Pounds and Living a Healthier Lifestyle.... Let me start back at the beginning....

Elizabeth Gemmell Hartke Transformation

After several knee surgeries, I let my life as an athlete go and replaced it with a less familiar version of myself – one where I could hardly recognize the girl looking back at me in the mirror.

Let me be abundantly clear, this was not all about weight loss for me. The emotions and insecurities ran deep and I lost a confidence I once hung my hat on. But thankfully, I hit a breaking point right and found my answer. I didn’t want just a quick weight loss solution, magic pill or a temporary solution. I wanted a lifestyle change and I wanted to change my health and my weight for good!

There are a lot of weight loss plans out there and I had to find what was going to help me lose weight for the long term in the healthiest possible way.

For me, it started with Shakeology. I had tried other weight loss supplements, but none that we whole food, all natural and truly healthy.

Next step was getting back into a workout routine that would help me burn fat, lose inches, boost my energy and help me to see tone. I let go of my fears and my excuses and pushed play on P90X, and I haven’t looked back since!

Since then, I’ve done several at home workout programs and nutritional programs that have helped me to achieve goals that I stopped believing possible. I’ve lost 50 pounds and I’ve never felt more confident, strong and alive! I’m not perfect. I still have my ups and downs, my struggles and I’ll fall of the wagon once in a while (I am a foodie, after all). But the difference is that I BELIEVE in myself and I have all the tools I need to succeed. You can have that, too. And I’ll be there to support you every step of the journey!

Stories from others who have had Success in Health and Weight Loss

Uncle Frank Before and After

Off of Medications

My Uncle Fran had been on ulcer medication for decades. It had become the norm. With a little bit of arm twisting, I got him to do the Ultimate Reset with my mother and I (she’s a whole other amazing story!) and the results were nothing shy of incredible!

Not only did he drop 20 pounds, but within 21 days he was able to wean himself off of the medications that he had been dependent on for years!

Since then, Fran has continued to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle that has allowed him to remain ulcer medication free for over a year, now. Ask his doctor what he thought… You will get a positive ear full!


Colleen Before and After

She Got Her Body Back

Colleen had been an athlete all through college and was looking for something to get her athletic body back after a few years out in the real world.

Focus T25 and Shakeology were her go-to weight loss solutions!

Now, she is an at-home-fitness junkie and inspires others to follow in her path. What started as a hope to lose weight, resulted in a new body, a new career as a Coach and new promising future! Check out this tone…