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PiYo Challenge Pack

When you purchase the PiYo Challenge Pack, you get valuable extras to help you meet your goals! Your Challenge Pack also includes:

  • Your First 30 Days of Shakeology® – Boost your workout results with this superfood shake. By delivering energy, reducing cravings, and accelerating results, your healthiest meal always begins with Shakeology®. After your first month, following monthly supplies will be delivered on Home Direct, the monthly autoship program. *
  • FREE VIP Trial Membership in the Team Beachbody® Club for 30 Days – If you need support to see your Challenge through, the Team Beachbody® Club has the resources you’re looking for.** †
  • Enjoy Super Discount Shipping to SAVE OVER $12 Each Month

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Picture Yourself, Defined!

If you thought that you couldn’t carve a defined physique without straining your body with jumps and weights, think again! PiYo uses only your body weight to create a low-impact, high-intensity training program that combines the best movements from Pilates and yoga.

This means that you can expect lean muscles, a firm booty, and tight abs that make you feel sexier than every before! That’s because PiYo works every muscle in your body to stretch, stabilize, and strengthen like you never thought possible. And now that creator Chalene Johnson has amped up the tempo and the fun, you’ll burn more calories than ever before too!

Your PiYo Challenge Pack Comes With Everything You Need

Are you wondering exactly what you get with your PiYo Challenge Pack? In short, everything that you need to succeed!

    • Align: The Fundamentals (40 min.) – Find your perfect form and boost your results with this instructional workout that shows you the crucial, effective moves necessary for PiYo.
    • Define: Lower Body (25 min.) – Get lean, long legs as you work everything from your calves up to your glutes.
    • Define: Upper Body (20 min.) – Carve out your triceps, shape your arms, and achieve the definition that you’ve always wanted in your shoulders.
    • Sweat (35 min.) – Sweat your way through dynamic conditioning, strength training that uses only the resistance of your weight, and quick yoga-flows in this traditional PiYo workout.
    • Core (30 min.) – Work every angle of your abs for a sculpted midsection that also works your muscles for a strong back.
    • Strength Intervals (25 min.) – No equipment and no weights is required for these strength intervals! In just 25 minutes, this nonstop, calorie-burning workout produces just results, not bulk.
    • Drench (45 min.) – Jump start your metabolism with this endurance workout that pushes your fat burning power to the edge!
    • Sculpt (30 min.) – Muscular endurance and metabolic changes are possible with Sculpt, a workout designed to use various tempos to tone your muscles through tension at different periods of time.
    • Quick Start Guide – Get the insider tips and information you need about how each PiYo workout is carefully constructed to maximize your results like never before!
    • PiYo 60-Day Workout Calendar – Take advantage of Chalene’s custom calendar to challenge your strength, flexibility, and stamina throughout this 60-day program.

Looking for More? How Do 4 Free Bonus Gifts Sound?

With the PiYo Challenge Pack, you can expect more than just the workout itself. In fact, you also get 4 FREE bonus gifts, including:

  • Get Lean Eating Plan – Eating lean doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on taste! This Plan helps you learn how you can prepare delicious and nutritious foods to keep your body nourished and driving through all of PiYo’s challenging workouts. The best part? This helps you define your body even more than ever before!
  • Buns (25 min.) – This bonus workout focuses on the glutes, helping you tighten your backside as you lift and redefine what it means to have the perfect behind.
  • Tape Measure – Measure your progress throughout the entire 60-day program!
  • 24/7 Online Support – Tips, live video chats with PiYo creator Chalene Johnson, and unlimited peer support are all available online whenever you need them. Get motivated and even join a Challenge Group for more results!

Even More Extras Help Take Your Results Over the Edge!

If you want even more, the PiYo Challenge Pack has you covered. This Pack comes with valuable extras including:

  • 30-Day Shakeology® Supply* – Loaded with antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, and other rare ingredients, Shakeology® is truly your healthiest meal of the day! This superfood shake helps reduce cravings while boosting your energy, helping drive results! Now, there’s even a 100% vegan option available! ‡
  • Team Beachbody Club® FREE 30-Day Trial Membership **† – Join the Team Beachbody community for tools and support to help you make it through all 60 days of the PiYo Challenge Pack! The trial membership includes:
    • 10% discount on any Beachbody® purchase
    • Personalized meal plans, specifically designed for your goals
    • VIP access to live chats, nutrition tips, videos, and recipes from your favorite Beachbody® experts and trainers
    • Personalized guidance and support from your own coach
    • Chat rooms and message boards to hook you up with workout partners and support

We Know You’ll Love PiYo, But You Still Get a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

PiYo is designed to deliver real results in just 60 days. This means that if you try it and aren’t satisfied, you have a full 60 days to return it. All that you have to do is call Customer Service for a Return Authorization Number to get your full refund, minus shipping and handling costs. 

Buy Your PiYo Challenge Pack Now

* When you choose Shakeology® Home Direct, you will receive this product every 30 days directly to your door at a cost of $129.95 per month charged directly to the credit card that you use for today’s purchase (or $129.95 per month for Chocolate Vegan or Tropical Strawberry Shakeology®). This means that for only about $4.00 per day, plus a Super Discount shipping and handling fee of just $2.00 per unit, you can have the results that you’ve always wanted. If at any time you want to cancel your Home Direct service, you may do so by calling Customer Service.

† This offer is not available to current Team Beachbody® Club members.

‡ Statements made have not been certified by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not created to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, curing, or prevention of any diseases.

Please read our Fitness Guide, all safety instructions, and consult your physician before beginning the 21 Day Fix program.

Results will vary. Achieving and maintaining your results will be possible only through exercise and proper diet.


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