p90X3 Challenge Pack

P90X3® Challenge Pack:

Just 30 minutes per day separates you from the leaner, more muscular body that you’ve always wanted. And, when you purchase the Tony Horton P90X3® Challenge Pack, you save over $90 than if you were to purchase each item separately!

This means that you can build muscle and burn fat faster than ever before, all while saving money in the process.

What’s In Your Challenge Pack:

Your Challenge Pack includes everything that you need to get your new workout started on the right foot, including:

  • Shakeology® 30-Day Supply – Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology® is FREE! After, you will receive this super food shake via our Home Direct monthly auto ship program*, giving you craving reduction, energy boosting, result accelerating ‡ shakes each and every month.
  • FREE Trial Team Beachbody® Club Membership – Are you someone who needs additional support to push through your workouts? This FREE 30-day trial will give you just that.**†
  • Standard Shipping, for FREE!

The Body You Want, Just 30 Minutes Per Day

Are you using your busy schedule as an excuse for not working out? Now, you don’t have to!

Renowned trainer Tony Horton has taken the best aspects of P90X® and P90X2® to create P90X3®, your ultimate Muscle Acceleration System! Research shows that intense, 30-minute workouts send your body into overdrive, delivering fast results that you couldn’t get otherwise.

What does this mean? This means that you get results that look like you’ve been working out all day – all while working out for just 30 minutes.

16 Intense Workouts, Just 30 Minutes Each

Resistance Workouts

Resistance workouts promote the fast growth of lean muscle. When you purchase the P90X3® Power Pack, you get 6 resistance workouts including:

  • Total Synergistics – Create fast, efficient changes with a resistance workout designed for your entire body.
  • The Challenge – Stack push-ups and pull-ups to transform your upper body in ways that you never thought possible.
  • Incinerator – Push yourself harder than ever before with this total burnout session.
  • Eccentric Upper – Fast muscle growth begins by putting your body under tension. With the Eccentric Upper, your upper body will become leaner and stronger faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Eccentric Lower – Achieve the lower body you’ve always wanted by slowing down the eccentric, or negative, half of every movement in the workout!
  • The Warrior – Looking for a go-to workout that promises results? The Warrior is for you!

Power Workouts

Three power workouts are designed to increase your agility, flexibility, and speed.

  •  Agility X – Combining aerobic and anaerobic energy means improvements in terms of flexibility, balance, strength, and precision.
  • Triometrics – Cut the time but not the results with increased power and speed from this plyo workout.
  • Decelerator – Deceleration training that focuses on multi-angle training means making your workouts stronger and safer than before.

Cardio Workouts

Burn fat and increase efficiency with these three cadio workouts:

  • CVX – Power your core with interval training for a full-body burn that delivers real results.
  • MMX – Interested in martial arts training? Then MMX is for you! Burn fat while lengthening endurance and increasing your flexibility all at once.
  • Accelerator – Up your cardiovascular game with increased muscular efficiency, burning more fat in less time.

Core, Flexibility, and Balance Workouts

Balance out your workouts while building strength, flexibility, and balance with these four workout selections:

  • X3 Yoga – Improve musculoskeletal balance, core strength, and flexibility with this flow-style routine.
  • Pilates X – Engage in Pilates fundamentals that help power your core, increase elasticity, and promote joint health.
  • Isometrix – Unshakable results begin with an unshakable workout – Isometrix combines isometric contraction with instability to deliver these results.
  • Dynamix – Dynamix enhances your results from all routines by promoting increased range of motion, stabilization, and flexibility.

Buy Your P90X-3 Challenge Pack Now

Want More? How do 5 FREE Gifts Sound?

When you purchase the P90X3® Challenge Pack, you get even more than 16 workouts and the Challenge Pack itself. In fact, we want to give you 5 FREE gifts to deliver even more value:

  • Step-by-Step Fitness Guide – Want to learn more about how to get the most out of each workout? The simple step-by-step fitness guide can help!
  • Nutrition Guide – Take the guesswork out of healthy eating for fast results.
  • P90X3® Calendar – Know your routine each and every day, making it simple to spend just 30 minutes on what has already been planned out for you.
  • Intro DVD – Need help getting started? This P90X3® intro will show you how!
  • Online Support Available 24/7 – Turn to the countless online resources for increased motivation and support from your peers!

More Free Gifts to Get You Started the Right Way

In addition to the five FREE gifts above, you also get countless other key benefits when you order the P90X3® Challenge Pack, including:

  •  Exclusive Bonus Workout – Get the P90X ONE on ONE® “On One Leg” workout for FREE when you purchase the P90X3® Challenge Pack from TeamBeachBody.com ($19.95 value).
  • Exclusive P90X3® Hat – If you order now, you will receive a free P90X3® hat FREE with purchase from TeamBeachBody.com ($24.95 value).
  • 30-Day Shakeology® Supply * – Your Healthiest Meal of the Day begins with Shakeology! When you order your P90X3® Challenge Pack, you get 30 days of this craving-reducing, energy boosting, results accelerating shake, free of charge! Now, there is a 100% vegan option available as well. ‡
  • FREE Trial Membership at Team Beachbody® Club for 30 Days ** Being a part of the Beachbody® community means having the support, accountability, and variety of tools that you need to stay on track:
    • 10% Discount Available on All Purchases
    • Meal Plans Designed Specifically to Help you Meet Your Goals
    • VIP Access to Beachbody® experts and trainers through live chats, exclusive videos, amazing recipes, and more!
    • Guidance and Support from Your Own Personal Coach
    • SuperGym® Exclusive Access – Track progress, contact your friends, and meet others with similar goals!
    • Communication Channels – Join chat rooms and message boards to find new workout partners and get support from the community!

Your Complete Satisfaction, or Your Money Back!

We know that you’ll love this Challenge Pack and to prove it, we’re offering a 30-day-money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, returning is easy when you contact Customer Service for your refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and handling.

Your Price: $180.00

Buy Your P90X-3 Challenge Pack Now

* When you choose Shakeology® Home Direct, you will receive this product every 30 days directly to your door at a cost of $119.95 per month charged directly to the credit card that you use for today’s purchase (or $129.95 per month for Chocolate Vegan or Tropical Strawberry Shakeology®). This means that for only about $4.00 per day, plus a Super Discount shipping and handling fee of just $2.00 per unit, you can have the results that you’ve always wanted. If at any time you want to cancel your Home Direct service, you may do so by calling Customer Service.

** After your 30-day trial has expired, you will be billed $38.87 per quarter, a cost of just $2.99 per week, for your ongoing Team Beachbody® Club membership on the credit card used for today’s purchase. You may call Customer Service at any time to cancel.

† This offer is not available to current Team Beachbody® Club members.

‡ Statements made have not been certified by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not created to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, curing, or prevention of any diseases.