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What You Can Do Every Morning For Success!

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Setting up a morning routine, or ritual, helps you stay focused on your goals in life. When you create a routine and a habit, it is easier for you to never let the important things slip from your mind. It is said that creating a routine and sticking to it will increase productivity and creativeness […]

If You Fit This Persona You Are Right for a Beach Body Coaching Career

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[title size=”1 to 6″]Is Beachbody Coaching Right For Me?[/title] If you look at the top Beachbody Coaches in the company, they come from every possible walk of life! Doctors, lawyers, high school drop outs… it doesn’t matter! But all of them have a few things in common that make them incredible Coaches. If you’re thinking […]

The Definition of Cool

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I can still remember sitting down in the damp basement dorm room with some of my friends, cheering him on. The stank of uncleaned football equipment and day old buffalo calzones wafted up from the worn carpet. The walls were adorned with a picture of a girl wearing only a piece of string that covered […]

25 Reasons This Workout Will Create Your Dream Body

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I’ve been waiting for this day since I got to test out this program LIVE with Tony Horton himself! (Yes, he called me out by name when I was doing one of the moves wrong… *cue my blushing*). If you’ve been looking for a way to achieve your ultimate weight loss or fitness goals, this […]

10 Things To Do To Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

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We are accustomed to waiting to make a change until we have a fresh start. We don’t begin a new workout until Monday, we already ate something unhealthy for breakfast today, so we can start our diet tomorrow and there is NO way we are going to start leading a better life until the New Year! […]

The Secret To Success

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Last night was a Monday night, which means that The Bachelor was on. Despite my cutting back on watching TV, I typically make time to watch ABC successfully manipulate a dozen young women into believing that they have found their one true love in what I call, a controlled social experiment. Who doesn’t want to […]


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