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What You Can Do Every Morning For Success!

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Setting up a morning routine, or ritual, helps you stay focused on your goals in life. When you create a routine and a habit, it is easier for you to never let the important things slip from your mind. It is said that creating a routine and sticking to it will increase productivity and creativeness […]

Why I chose to do MRT Testing vs. ALCAT Testing

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I eat clean (when I’m sticking to a plan). I workout (when I’m on track). I’m human. I’m not a nutritionist, dietician or health expert. I do, however, I have a great interest in learning how the body works and what is best for it. I’m not affiliated in any way with MRT testing. I […]

10 Things To Do To Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

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We are accustomed to waiting to make a change until we have a fresh start. We don’t begin a new workout until Monday, we already ate something unhealthy for breakfast today, so we can start our diet tomorrow and there is NO way we are going to start leading a better life until the New Year! […]

The Best Obituary You Will Ever Read

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When I die, I hope that I leave behind an impression like Pink, the 85 year old grandmother to 17 who may have left this life, but is making many new friends in another. I’ve read my fair share of obituaries… I’ve even written a few, but none that compare to this one. Mary A. Mullaney […]


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