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22 Minute Hard Corps Before and After Military Style Workout

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It’s official! I’ve survived eight weeks of 22 Minute Hard Corps – Tony Horton’s newest military boot camp style workout. My results are in and I’m completely blown away! First, let me hit a few must-know points about this Hard Corps workout… Yes, the workouts really are 22 minutes a day It’s a workout based […]

22 Minute Hard Corps Sandbag Tips & Information

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Well, let me put it simply… Working out with the sandbag from 22 Minute Hard Corps made me feel like a total badass! It definitely played a major role in my incredible results, and it really helped to hit the areas that weights alone just don’t hit. I put together some details on how it […]

22 Minute Hard Corps Military Style Workout

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  Everyone wants to know more about what the 22 Minute Hard Corps workouts are actually like… I’ve officially completed the program (my results blew me away!!) so I put together some quick clips to give you a better idea of what you would encounter if you decided to do 22 Minute Hard Corps. This […]

22 Minute Hard Corps Workout Calendar

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I’ve officially done 22 Minute Hard Corps in it’s entirety, and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen results so fast! In this two month long, military style workout, you only workout 22 minutes a day and a few extra optional minutes on ab days, and one week before my final weigh in, I’m […]

Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps Workout Results

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I’m officially in the last week of the two month long 22 Minute Hard Corps workout program, and although my 60 day results haven’t been recorded yet (give me a few more days!!) my 40 day results are up and ready to be shared! When I started 22 Minute Hard Corps, I was 7 months […]

22 Minute Hard Corps 4 Week Results

22 Minute Hard Corps Release Date – March 1st!

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For two months now, I’ve been a part of a small pre-launch test group for Tony Horton’s newest workout program, 22 Minute Hard Corps. We have been following both the 22 minute a day workout program along with the meal plan in order to see how well the program works. My results have completely blown […]

22 Minute Hard Corps Live Webinar

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It has been an incredible 7 weeks thus far through 22 Minute Hard Corps, and it has been an HONOR to work through this program, become an expert on how it works and to be able to share that journey so far.  Because I’m sitting on an email and Facebook inbox that is packed full […]

Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Plan

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It’s no secret that getting the results you want has to come from more than just working out… For years, I would go to the gym and take the intense classes, use the machines and do some pretty solid lifting programs without seeing the weight loss and toning that I was hoping for. All the […]

22 Minute Hard Corps Exclusive Test Group!

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It’s official! I’m in my last week of the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout program test group and I’ve lost my post baby weight, my energy is through the roof and I lost pounds while finally re-gaining my confidence. It has been an amazing journey, despite the fact sharing it along the way can be a […]

Tony Horton 22 Minute Hard Corps

How Much Does 22 Minute Hard Corps Beachbody Program Cost?

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Ah yes, the only question that seems to matter… how much does 22 Minute Hard Corps cost?! 22 Minute Hard Corps Pricing Over the last month or so in the test group of the program, doing the workout before it launches, people have been asking me about the 22 Minute Hard Corps pricing more than […]

Beachbody Hard Corps Launch Date

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  Everyone has been asking when Beachbody’s newest workout program is launching… 22 Minute Hard Corps is the latest workout that Beachbody has put out, and I can attest to it’s effectiveness from my own experience! I was selected for an exclusive 22 Minute Hard Corps test group in order to test and review the […]

Equipment Required

What Equipment is Required for 22 Minute Hard Corps?

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As a participant in the 22 Minute Hard Corps test group, I got to try out the new workout program in full before it hits the market. So that means, I got to learn a lot about this program, the nutrition plan and what is required to get the best possible results! 22 Minute Hard […]

1 Month Review - 22 Minute Hard Corps

Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps Workout Review: Month 1

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Since starting 22 Minute Hard Corps, I’ve been getting countless messages asking me one really good question: DOES IT ACTUALLY WORK?! 22 minutes of working out a day doesn’t exactly seem like it would yield any major results, right? After completing my 1st official month of Tony Horton’s newest program, 22 Minute Hard Corps, I […]

How to Prepare for 22 Minute Hard Corps

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Like with all new things, there’s a learning curve when you start with 22 Minute Hard Corps. More than anything, for me, there’s a mindset shift. I started this program right after the holiday season where I carelessly indulged on every poor little carb that was within my reach. Moreover, my workouts were NOT on […]

22 Minute Hard Corps Workout Test Group

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For a few years now, my husband and I have been talking about wanting Beachbody to come out with a military style workout. Simple. To the point. Results driven. Quick. Effective. Well, Christmas came early for us! Right before we were about to leave for our two week Christmas vacation to see our family in […]


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