I'm Elizabeth Hartke

I realized that you can settle for the life that chooses you, or you can live the life that you choose.
I was done settling. Now I’m living! Are you?

Virtual handshake - firm, but not in a "proving I'm stronger than you" kind of way.

“In my 25 years, I never thought I would be telling everyone to “drop the cookie,” let alone starting a site dedicated to that very notion.

My life has changed so drastically in one years time and I feel as though I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t share my story to paint a more coherent picture of what I mean. History has shown that I love cookies! Yet, here I am empowering you to drop the dang cookie! Let me explain.”

We rewind. Like so many 23 year-olds, I was caught in the mundane of everyday life, but in a constant battle with myself because I knew there had to be something more to life than a cubicle floating in a sea of mediocrity. Perhaps, I was entering into my quarter life crisis, but I could almost taste a better life, yet couldn’t seem to crack the code on how to get my eager little paws on it.

I was in relationship with a really great guy – nothing seemed “wrong” there. I had a good job by the standards of modern society, a nice place in the city, friends who knew how to have a good time… so what was the problem? Things were status quo, but I wasn’t happy – whatever that means.

Elizabeth making Shakeology

The problem was a lack of genuine fulfillment. Good was no longer good enough. I was letting life happen to me instead of grabbing it by the cojones and making it happen. And once that clicked, life started coming together.

In less than one year’s time, I was out of my relationship, let go of the friendships that were dragging me down, found the fairy-tale-goosebumps-prince-charming-man of my dreams, fell in love, got engaged, retired at 24 from my office job that brought me no happiness, worked hard to get back in shape and lost 25 pounds, took a leap of faith (in myself) and started a lucrative career that thrives on helping others and found an inner peace that I couldn’t even wrap my head around. And now I’m happy. I mean, truly happy.

Marriage, Family, Faith with Elizabeth Hartke

So what happened? What was the shift that got me to a place where I love my life, my career, the people in my life and myself?

I dropped the cookie

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