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Beachbody is Launching in the U.K!

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So what does that mean for you?

If there’s one point I can really drive home with this whole thing, it’s this…

This is truly going to be EPIC for anyone who takes advantage of it. Seriously. You might not know much about Beachbody, our fitness and nutrition programs or the Coaching opportunity, but I’m an open book as far as sharing what this company is about and what it has done for me.

First and foremost – the world class programs are now going to be available to people in the U.K. Known as the “most trusted brand in fitness,” Beachbody has served hundreds of thousands of people in their pursuit of better health, weight loss and positive body image and confidence.

Take it from someone who spent years uncomfortable in their own skin, finding something that transformationlays out a plan that is designed to get you results can be life-giving! After losing 50 pounds (over 3.5 stones) when I started using Beachbody products 6 years ago by using both the Beachbody fitness programs and Shakeology, I started to understand what it means to have true health!

They have everything from programs for people who haven’t worked out in years but want to start their fitness journey to intense programs for high performance athletes training for a competition or to fine tune their bikini body. I’m here as a guide to help you choose the right workout, meal plan and nutritional for you and then help you implement the plan to achieve the results you want!

But it’s not all about health and fitness…

Come October 19th, Beachbody is officially launching the Coaching platform in the U.K. If you’re anything like me, you’re skeptical. You’re wondering what it’s all about, if it’s too good to be true, if it can really work for you, and what it entails. But I want to help you understand what Beachbody Coaching really is, who it is for and how it works.

Coaching has changed my life (and my wonderful little family’s life, too!) in ways I can hardly put into words! The reason that I’m now a full time Coach is because of what the company did for my health and my life. I’ve turned my passions for writing, health and freedom into a career through Beachbody Coaching. This has become my platform to live out my dreams.

Watch this video to see my family’s story! 

Five years ago I was working in a corporate job that I hated and now I really feel like I’m living out my purpose, doing what I love and living the freedom that I used to dream about all from home on my own time. It didn’t happen over night and it wasn’t always easy, but I really pride myself on paying this opportunity forward to as many deserving people as I possibly can!

Let me explain a little more about what this really is… and is NOT!

Over my last five years as a Coach (starting with no experience, network and still struggling on my own health journey) I’ve been able to develop and mentor what is now one of the top teams in the entire network of nearly one million American and Canadian Coaches! I have been blessed to build my business to the highest possible rank in the company, retiring myself and my husband from our corporate jobs and helping the Coaches we mentor to do the same.

My passion is in teaching my new Coaches how to build successful business that allow them to live out their dreams, mentoring them on how to use this as their platform to find success.

What is a U.K. Founding Coach?

I am officially expanding my team in the U.K. this October and am looking for go-getters who are ready to live out their dreams, get healthy, build a successful business and help so many others in the process! I will be flying to London (and visiting surrounding cities) mid-late October, eager to meet the future members of our team. If you’d like more information on the soon-to-be sold out events I’m hosting, please email me with the subject line “U.K. Coach” to

I’m opening my Coach Mentorship program to the official founding Coaches of our team!

If that sounds like you, please don’t be shy! I’m not one to be pushy, so you can ask whatever questions you’d like to get a better idea as to whether this is the right thing for you. This just may be the very thing that changes your life, too!

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