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Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps Workout Results

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I’m officially in the last week of the two month long 22 Minute Hard Corps workout program, and although my 60 day results haven’t been recorded yet (give me a few more days!!) my 40 day results are up and ready to be shared!

When I started 22 Minute Hard Corps, I was 7 months post having my first baby. As beautiful and fulfilling it is to become a mother (because it has most definitely been!!!) if I’m being honest, it has been tough on my body and my confidence. As a former athlete and someone who worked really hard to get into shape after having gained a lot of weight post knee surgeries and life in a sedentary job, it was hard to watch the pounds creep back up during pregnancy. And then, not go back down like I had hoped post pregnancy. I tried a lot of different things, but I had plateaued. I started to believe it when people told me that that’s just how it is after you have a baby. You’ll never have your energy, strength or body back the way it used to be.

22 Minute Hard Corps Workout Results

And then, just as I was teetering on the brink of accepting my fit-free fate, I got the call. I was asked to participate in a small test group designed to try out the newest Tony Horton workout program, 22 Minute Hard Corps. My fitness level was lacking, at best, but I knew I needed something to get me inspired and moving again. I begrudgingly said yes, and on day 1 of the fit test I could hardly do a single push up off of my knees. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty low as far as my confidence in my ability to do this program. But I figured I could commit 22 minutes a day to working out, with my son happily playing in his bouncer nearby. And truthfully, I didn’t expect much to change in only two months while spending such a small amount of time each day working out.

I’m happy to report how very wrong I was…

I’ve never seen results this quickly with any workout program, ever. And I’ve done MANY, and seen great results from many! My original 50 pound weight loss journey started with Tony Horton and P90X and I’ve been happy to continue that journey with Tony Horton, as well, with 22 Minute Hard Corps!

I’ll be sharing my official and final results after I close out this final week, but I can give you my updated stats through day 40 of the 60 day program.

My 22 Minute Hard Corps fit test results, pre-program compared to the one month mark (in 1 minute):

Push-ups: Start = 20 on knees, Month 1 mark = 35 off knees

Squat thrust: Start = 31, Month 1 mark = 42

Pull-ups: Start = 0 even with assist band, Month 1 mark = 8 with assist band

Jumping jacks: Start = 70, Month 1 mark = 78

Forearm plank: Start = 1 minute, Month 1 mark = 1.35 seconds

My weight:

Start = 149.2 pounds

Month 1 mark = 140 pounds

Total pounds lost by month 1 mark = 9.2 pounds

My measurements:

Chest: Start = 38in

Month 1 mark = 37in

Waist: Start = 31.5in

Month 1 mark = 30.5in

Hips: Start = 39.5in

Month 1 mark = 37.5

Left thigh: Start = 23.5in

Month 1 mark = 22.5in

Right thigh: Start = 24in

Month 1 mark = 22.5in

Left arm: Start = 11.5in

Month 1 mark = 10.5in

Right arm: Start = 11.5in

Month 1 mark = 10.5in

Left calf: Start = 14in

Month 1 mark = 13.5in

Right calf: Start = 14in

Month 1 mark = 13.5in

Total lost by month 1 mark = 9.5in


That’s only one month in, knowing that I’m at least a few more pounds down 50 days in. And here are my 40 day results photos:

me up to day 40JPG

I will be sharing my final results in the next week, but to follow my journey in a more real time basis, just connect with my on my Facebook page.

Because I believe in this program so strongly, I have created some exclusive extras that I’ll be sharing with the Exclusive Test Group I am going to be hosting after the program officially launches this March. I will be leading a small group of people who want real results, fast! And I’ll walk them through the meal plan, the workouts and they will not only get my one-on-one guidance, but they will get my exclusive extras plus a discount.

That first group officially kicks off on March 21st, so if you’re interested in learning more, just check in here! 

Spaces are limited, and as always, if you have any questions or want to connect, email me at


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