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22 Minute Hard Corps Release Date – March 1st!

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For two months now, I’ve been a part of a small pre-launch test group for Tony Horton’s newest workout program, 22 Minute Hard Corps. We have been following both the 22 minute a day workout program along with the meal plan in order to see how well the program works. My results have completely blown me away!

This is, by far, the fastest that I’ve seen results with an at-home fitness program, which surprised me considering I’m working out for far shorter amounts of time than I have in other programs.

22 Minute Hard Corps Release Date

Everyone has been asking… “When is the release date for 22 Minute Hard Corps?!”

Well, it’s official! March 1st is the release date for Hard Corps, and I absolutely cannot wait to help people through this program.

I started it when I was 7 months postpartum. After plateauing in my weight loss and feeling like I had tried everything, I was less than optimistic about this program. Now, just over 9 months postpartum, I’ve long since broken through my plateau and past my expectations of what was possible for me in regards to my fitness. I’m one week out from my final weigh in and I’m down over 12 pounds, 10 inches and 2 pants sizes.

Since the official launch date of 22 Minute Hard Corps is March 1st, 2016, I have put together the official Exclusive Test Group for those who want to try the program themselves, and be guided through it based on their individual goals. The Test Group will kick off on March 21st, leaving enough time to get the product and go through all the prep before starting.

Want to know more about how to join? Click here!

As always, feel free to connect with me on Facebook if you want to learn more or have questions!


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