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22 Minute Hard Corps Before and After Military Style Workout

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22 Minute Hard Corps Before & After

It’s official! I’ve survived eight weeks of 22 Minute Hard Corps – Tony Horton’s newest military boot camp style workout. My results are in and I’m completely blown away!

First, let me hit a few must-know points about this Hard Corps workout…

  1. Yes, the workouts really are 22 minutes a day
  2. It’s a workout based in functional fitness, so you work your whole body with nearly every move, which is why the workouts are able to be so short
  3. The meal plan is excellent. You can still eat PLENTY of food in both portion and variety, but you learn how much of each food you should eat
  4. You do not need a lot of equipment for this workout
  5. You don’t need a lot of space for this workout
  6. Following Tony Horton and the team of veterans keeps you very motivated
  7. What you put in is what you get out
  8. I run regular Test Groups where I walk people through the program, meal plan and provide exclusive extras as well

before 19I decided from the beginning that I was going to stick to the program. I followed the simple meal plan, did my workouts the scheduled 6 days a week (you can’t use the whole “I don’t have time” excuse with this one!) and didn’t add in any extra workouts or meal planning.

When starting 22 Minute Hard Corps, I was seven months postpartum and had tried many different workouts and diets to try and lose weight, break my plateau and (dare I say) get in great shape. Nothing was making me budge in weight or physique and I was very disheartened.

So needless to say, I wasn’t expecting to get much out of a 22 minute per day workout. For once, I’m actually happy to report that I was wrong!

I dropped 4 pounds in the first few days just by switching up my diet and incorporating the high intensity interval training style workouts. From there, I experienced a steady weight loss throughout the first month.

It wasn’t just about the weight for me, though, it was about the inches I was losing, the way I saw my body changing HARTKE March 7 hips leftshape, my boosted energy levels and I noticed my level of confidence was growing. I started this not comfortable in my own skin and convinced that I wouldn’t be able to do this program, so increasing my self-esteem was priceless to me.

Here were my final results:

Starting chest: 38 inches, Week 8 chest: 35.5 inches
Starting waist: 31.5 inches, Week 8 waist: 28.5 inches
Starting hips: 39.5 inches, Week 8 hips: 35.5
Starting thigh L: 23.5 inches, Week 8 thigh L: 21.5 inches
Starting thigh R: 24 inches, Week 8 thigh R: 21.5 inches
Starting arm L: 11.5 inches, Week 8A arm L: 10.25
Starting arm R: 11.5 inches, Week 8 arm R: 10.25
Total inches lost: 16.5
week 1 week 8 etc resultsStart = 149.2 pounds, Week 8 weight: 137.1 pounds
Total lost: 12.1
Final Fit Test Results (All in one minute)

Push-ups: Start = 20 on knees, Week 8 = 41 off knees

Squat thrust: Start = 31, Week 8 = 49

Pull-ups: Start = 0 even with assist band, Week 8 = 19 (with assist band)

Jumping jacks: Start = 70, Week 8 = 82

Forearm plank: Start = 1 minute, Week 8 = 2 minutes


And here were my results after one additional Hell Week (Week 9):

Chest: 35.5
Waist: 28.5
Hips: 35
Thigh L: 21
Thigh R: 21
Arm L: 10
Arm R: 10
Total inches lost: 19.5
Start = 149.2 pounds, Week 9 weight: 135.7
Total weight lost: 13.5 pounds
Total inches lost: 19.5
I’m taking on the challenge of paying my incredible experience forward by leading a group of people through this program! They will get my discount, my guidance and access to all of my exclusive extras!
To learn more about how to join, click here!
And to get more information or to just chat, connect with me on Facebook.



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