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True Inspiration: Disabled Paratrooper Walks Again

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True Inspiration Disabled Paratrooper Walks AgainThere is no great lack of inspirational videos out there in cyber space. If you search for them, you could spend days sifting through the results. Sure, maybe one or two will leave you feeling touched, or moved, or whatever you want to call it, but for the most part, it’s just another video you use to kill time at work.

This one is different. Arthur Boorman is different. After a few too many jumps in the Gulf War, the disabled veteran paratrooper accepted the doctor’s diagnosis that he would never walk unassisted again. Why wouldn’t he? Fifteen years went by, and by age 47, the once spry and fit war vet had expanded to 297 pounds.

Fitness professionals and yoga instructors turned Arthur away… well, all but one, he says. It took one person to believe in Arthur to change his life completely. That’s only one component of this story that makes it worth admiring. Once Arthur started to rebuild his faith in himself, he was ready to work towards rebuilding his body.

Arthur started non-impact yoga using at home videos. “I fell many times,” he shared in the video, “but I got back up.” That’s the next component that makes Arthur’s story special. He didn’t fall once, or twice, but he fell nearly every day – never failing to simply get back up. “Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I can’t do it someday.”

Why is it that so many of us want something just as badly as Arthur wanted his health back, but we can’t seem to make it happen? Remember, that most of us don’t have a doctor’s diagnosis telling us that it’s just not possible. Is it because we don’t have someone believing in us? Is it because we don’t believe in ourselves?

Over the course of 10 months of doing yoga in his home, Arthur lost 140 pounds. The crutches that allowed him to walk were no longer needed. The braces thatTrue Inspiration Disabled Paratrooper Walks Again kept his legs stable became a thing of the past. The passion for life that Arthur lost with his ability to walk on his own was found again. “Never underestimate what you can accomplish,” he said in his video. “Never give up.”

In the final scene of Arthur’s video, he is a new man, not only walking, but sprinting down the street. What will be your final scene? Will you be the same person you have been wishing to change for so long, or will you be the version of yourself that you are meant to be. You only have one opportunity to get this right. No excuse, diagnosis, or set back can stop you from achieving your full potential. The only thing that can stop you is you.

I believe in you – do you believe in you?


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